Sunday, 15 November 2009


Recently, I have been really interested in German Romanticism, and as part of my German A Level course, I have done some extra work at home comprising of some translation of German poetry. Here is my favourite. The translation was all my own work, and the poem itself was written by the German Poet: Friedrick Rückert.


Original German:

Du meine Seele, du mein Herz,
Du meine Wonne, du mein Schmerz,
Du meine Welt, in der ich lebe,
Mein Himmel du, darein ich schwebe.
O du mein Grab, in das hinab,
Ich ewig meinem Kummer gab!
Du bist die Ruh, du bist der Frieden,
Du bist der Himmel mir beschieden.
Daß du mich liebst, macht mich mir Wert,
Dein Blick hat mich vor mich verklärt,
Du hebst mich liebend über mich,
Mein guter Geist, mein beßres ich!

Poetic me :)

You are my soul, my heart,
You are my bliss, my painful dart,
You are the world in which I abide,
You are the heaven through which I glide,
O you are my grave, which lies below,
To this I relinquish my eternal woe!
You are the rest, the harmony,
You are like the humble sky to me.
It is your love that gives me grace,
Your glance transforms me, gives me face.
With your love you lift me on high,
You are my good spirit, my better I.

There I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did translating it. I think it is a lovely poem. I think that when you read it, it will make you think of someone you love or have a bit of a crush on ;P hehe.

Yeah, thats about it for the mo. :D
Love you all a lot,
Joey xx


  1. Thanks for the poem and the fine translation.

    I thought you might enjoy this musical setting of it by Robert Schumann, who lived in the 19th Century. The version I have selected is by the great German singer of the 1920's and 1930's Richard Tauber.

  2. Good job, but 26 days ?

    Come back soon.

  3. The German poem is already great, but your translation does not lag behind in no way - I think you did a great job. :) Was it a lot of work for you to translate it so nicely?

  4. That was a great translation :D
    And I did think of someone I crush on ^^ :) thankyou

  5. joe

    its always inteeresting to see if something canbe translated and ill have to ask Lunario what he thinks the original works says

    I hope all is well and that your school work is going well. I sent you an email i hope you get the chance to read it soon

    take care and be safe


  6. I really like your translation, esp.:
    "It is your love that gives me grace,
    Your glance transforms me, gives me face."

    Best wishes

  7. I wish I could get my Partner and love Pete to be a little more into the ars. I think that's beautiful and so much does really apply to him and to us and our love.

    Thank you very much for posting it and it seems you deserve congrats too! For both Lunario and Martin to praise your translation - it must be good!

    Well done! More please!

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  9. Why do you translate "Schmerz" as "dart"? Schmerz means "pain" at all.

  10. Lovely translation and beautiful words. Thank you

    I look forward to reading more!

    Old Midhurstian (Mac)

  11. A very special and happy holiday season to you!!

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  15. I love this poem!
    I also love it in German. The german language is so beautiful. I am an operatic singer and my favorite language to sing in is german. My favorite song is the "spring song" or Fruilingshlied. I think I spelt that right :S. Look it up! It is a beautiful song when sung properly.

  16. A lovely, poetic translation - no pedantic transliteration here! Full of Sprachsgefuehl!

    G =]

  17. Not so bad a translation.

    From Germany

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